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Jonathan Santos Silva -  We Are All Related Episode 1

Jonathan Santos Silva - We Are All Related

· 01:03:48

Investing in other people's freedom and success is the key to making an impact.

Jonathan Santos Silva is the Founder of The Liber Institute and an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Cambiar Education. From being a school founder, high school principal, instructional coach, education consultant, and an on-the-ground technical support provider under South Dakota’s Native American Achievement Schools Grant, Jonathan shares his journey through discovering his voice for social issues and paving his way into a career of leadership in the education industry as a passionate equity warrior. 

Many schools across America struggle to incorporate diversity, equity, and inclusion into their curriculum in a way that really makes a meaningful impact. Thankfully, there are organizations that are dedicated to placing leaders into these troubled communities to help stimulate positive changes for better lives for students and teachers alike.

 An essential part of this process is "becoming a relative" to the community, listening to them, walking with them as family, and selflessly investing in their success. When you walk with your relatives, you will realize that you are not truly free until they are also free.

Snow Notes:
❤️ Jonathan has 4 kids and a wife: his multi-generational experience in America. 02:17
🟤 The experiences in education Jonathan had as a person of color. 07:45
🧒 There's got to be a way to make successful education for kids of color the rule and not the exception. 11:44
👨‍👦‍👦 Volunteering helped Jonathan choose his path: taking on the role of a big brother really changes kids' lives. 15:45
✅ The worst thing that could happen is I could fall on my face, but it doesn’t matter as long as there's always a way back home. 18:45
💞 A story on how Jonathan met his wife: Jonathan learned a lot from Enterprise, but he felt it was not for him. 20:09
💗 Life in South Dakota was amazing and felt like home: deep faith and the right partner are incredibly helpful in discovering and using personal potential. 23:56
🧑‍🏫 It's not easy to be a teacher: Jonathan became a high school designer and principal for a charter network, he was the first Black leader in one organization and his career grew continued to grow. 32:17
🎯 When you have kids, you love teaching on an entirely different level: it's great when you can put your entire experience into your work and make an impact. 35:49
🔵 To whom much is given much is required: the way Jonathan cultivates leadership - we aren’t all just human, but we're all related. 42:46
💟 The Ronderings - walking with relatives: I'm not really free until all my brothers and sisters are free. 53:59

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