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Dr. Rob Carpenter - Surrender to and Enjoy the Person You Want to Become Episode 40

Dr. Rob Carpenter - Surrender to and Enjoy the Person You Want to Become

· 50:42

"Life is so much bigger than black and white - it's full of colors.”
Dr. Rob Carpenter is a UCLA faculty member, author, speaker, and filmmaker who specializes in mass communication, rhetoric, and leadership. He has published many scholarly articles and books, including "The 48 Laws of Happiness."

Rob shares how he saw life from multiple perspectives at an early age - ethnic, geographic, and social. His diverse career choices, from politics to film, television, startups, and education, have made him a Renaissance man with many unique skills. He uses these skills to explore important topics in our society and challenge the rules of industry gatekeepers.

Dr. Rob emphasizes that he is a magnet, not a hustler. He believes that trust, vulnerability, and curiosity towards others are the best ways to build a better society. Fostering empathy in an increasingly divided world is crucial, but the journey starts within ourselves and with self-compassion. Our unique identities, passions, and values should be embraced, enjoyed, and fully lived. Surrender and enjoy the person you want to become.

⏳ Time accelerates as we age: how can we slow ourselves down to the speed of enjoying the time we have? 02:24
😇 We need to be more aware of ourselves and other people: being fully present with life, moments, and others. 04:15
👦🏾 Born in California and moved a lot around being a renaissance person as part Black, part white, and part Native American. 05:40
✌🏾 Experiencing racism and colorism for the first time in Ohio: his journey from politics to startups to entertainment. 09:51
▶️ Concept of starting all over again: parallels between different roles and Rob’s love for learning. 16:13
🎯 Building trust by giving trust: reframing your disadvantages to advantages. 21:14
🧪 My fate is tied to your fate: Ron’s formula for charisma. 26:35
🤩 Looking at education as transformation: growing big people and creating more empathy. 30:10
🥅 Changes start with teaching people to feel good about themselves: integrating self-compassion into K12 and the workforce will bring compassion for all. 39:21
💎Rob’s RONderings: find what you're good at, what you like doing, what the world needs, surrender to that, and be satisfied with yourself. 45:25
📙 Rob’s book 48 Laws of Happiness - fundamentals of resetting and reframing your perspective. 47:23

Connect with Dr. Rob:  www.linkedin.com/in/drrobcarpenter
Leverage Publishing: www.leveragepublishinggroup.com


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