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Kishshana Palmer - Velvet Covered Baseball Bat: Living in Duality Episode 28

Kishshana Palmer - Velvet Covered Baseball Bat: Living in Duality

· 56:27

Navigate the dualities, overcome challenges, and lead with compassion; authentic success intertwines passion with purpose while nurturing the soul.
Kishshana Palmer introduces herself as a multi-hyphenate serial social entrepreneur with diverse experience in fundraising, marketing, and policy within the social impact sector. 
Through candid honesty, Kishshana reveals her path towards self-understanding and embracing strengths, illuminating a journey of personal evolution. Cultural influences and the dynamics of her upbringing emerge, shedding light on their profound impact on her career, money management, and decision-making. Her journey embodies a redefinition of success, advocating for holistic well-being and a shift from external validation to internal fulfillment. Entrepreneurship, values alignment, and the importance of self-care for effective leadership take center stage. Kishshana's revelation that her true passion lies in empowering women, girls, and young people represent a transformative shift from a pursuit of financial stability to finding joy in impactful work.

If your team is thriving, they will move mountains for your mission, your company’s bottom line, and for you, whether it involves a product or a service above

👩🏾‍💼 Kishshana is a multi-hyphenate serial social entrepreneur: to lead well, you have to live well. 01:54 
👉🏾 80% of CEOs are afraid they will lose their job: escaping hatches and ensuring your team is comfortable. 05:32
👧🏾 Growing up with hardworking parents: schooling in the EU, and living in Queens, within divorced families taught her about diversity. 08:17
💥 What Kishshana’s parents wanted from her: learning to soften her rebellion. 12:07
😇 Living in two households and respecting authority: children must be seen and not heard. 16:19
🤩 Being a high achiever in school: the duality of ways to spend money and perceived success and material things. 19:09
🔥 Navigating adulthood with all the choices we make: being out of fear and over-burdening. 21:00
🤓 People in their 40s need to let go of things they learned from their parents: the hardest work in life. 25:56
🤯 Embedding equity work with every breath: realizing people are snapping and competing with unknown standards, and losing health and life over that. 28:36
📌 Starting your own business is not easy, but how to enjoy it: journey vs. goals and outcomes. 34:21
🏔️ The Black Godfather had an influence on Ron: when your word moves mountains. 42:22
🎙️ Kishshana’s dream is to build a studio for creatives and small businesses: why crowdfunding and asking for help is a risk. 45:29
💎 Kish’s RONderings: you have a responsibility to take care of yourself - filling the cracks to create new ground. 51:00
📙 Book: Take off Your Cape: rethinking everything to be healthy and have life. 52:36

Connect with Kishshana: www.linkedin.com/in/kishshanapalmer
Leverage Publishing: www.leveragepublishinggroup.com


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