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Kwamara Thompson - Love Yourself: Come As You Are Episode 23

Kwamara Thompson - Love Yourself: Come As You Are

· 48:55

Building communities is essential for creating opportunity, acceptance and prosperity.
Kwamara Thompson is a leader, community builder and angel investor who pours herself into numerous organizations that foster a culture of unity and positive social change. From a young age, she has been passionate about fighting for equity and empathy-focused growth, and continues to dedicate herself to lifting others up by providing opportunities for those in need.
In a world where your zip code can determine the opportunities you are given in life and promote segregation, it is more important than ever that we focus on building communities of love and support. If you are in a position where you can relate to a variety of different people, it's time to leverage your social talents and create safe spaces and communities for people to come together as they are.
Everybody needs to be reminded and encouraged to be their truest selves so we can all show up, have authentic conversations, and create a positive impact together. A love of humanity is a love of self, so you and everybody in your community are worthy of love!

😎 Ron and Kwamara are NYU friends. 01:05
🤯 How New York and New Orleans shaped Kwamara’s life: zip code differences in education and segregation. 02:44
📹 Private school gave her freedom and skills, so she filmed a race relations documentary in high school. 07:11
⚡ Graduation and working in science camp: the story of how the trajectory of her life changed in one day. 09:46
👧🏾 Embracing her authenticity: being a ‘weird kid’, with an interesting style. 13:04
🌞 Human beings are relational: her love for community and having a place to fail productively. 17:56
🙃 Having the ‘odd person out’ feeling: creating a safe space for being yourself and building it for others too. 21:23
😇 Creating space and fighting for space: come as you are. 26:05
😍 Moving to Miami: a great space to be during the pandemic and build a softer, joyful life. 30:00
🍎 Living in New Jersey and New York: suburb of chaotic New York. 36:27
🏖️ Moving patterns and Seasonal Affective Disorder: living in Miami’s sun is great. 39:50
🪞 Kwamara’s RONdering:  love for humanity and self-love -  find something you love about yourself. 40:33
🕯️ Advents and the effects of candles: seeing people who they are. 41:25
👉🏾 Angel investing: Your Family and Friends Fund helps 10 businesses a year while building portfolios for investors.  44:31

@kwamaradenise and @iamablackwomanyes
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