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Taylor Delhagen - Don't Be Boring, Be Trustworthy, and Integrate Work and Life Episode 38

Taylor Delhagen - Don't Be Boring, Be Trustworthy, and Integrate Work and Life

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Don’t be boring!
Taylor Delhagen started his early visits to the principal's office after being expelled from classes. Now he is a doctoral candidate at Boston College’s Lynch School of Education, where his studies are focused on leadership, equity, and the internationalization of higher education. He started his teaching journey in 2006 in NYC with Teach For America. After finishing his two-year commitment, Taylor was hooked and decided to stay in the classroom. He shares amazing and refreshing insights about equity and education. 

Taylor does not believe that “one size fits all” when it comes to children in education and believes that children should be engaged and entertained every day. Knowing content and pedagogy is not enough; design thinking is essential in creating a classroom that facilitates learning. Having gained experience in classrooms in the USA and abroad, Taylor has gained a wealth of knowledge and information about how a school and classroom should be run to apply academic success and community involvement.

Being a person of your word and being trustworthy is important for effective teaching and learning, as well as relationships! 

Snow Notes: 
✌️ Born in Michigan to a father who was a minister and worked with the anti-apartheid movement. 4:35
👦🏻 In high school, Taylor often got himself into the principal's office and expelled from the class. 6:54
🟣 After college, he felt passionate about Teach For America, where he worked with his wife. 11:07
🇮🇳 Went from teaching in Brooklyn to research and teaching in India together with his wife. 13:49
👨🏻‍🏫 His work in the Relay Graduate School of Education: teaching history teachers. 16:27
😇 What we don’t know about the diversity of the Indian freedom movement. 22:44
🎯 The importance of the art of critical thinking and the art of historical thinking. 26:09
🤯 In India, the BJP party had come to power and immediately changed the history textbooks. 27:33
3️⃣ Three levels of operating within equity as equal outcomes: frameworks, charter schools, and new graduate schools of education. 32:01
🤗 Taylor is inspired by the global organization - Teach for All. 32:53
🎓 Ron reflects on his K-12 education experience and how it shaped his perspective on equity in education. 34:47
💣 K-12 education in America was never meant to be built to teach all kids. 36:10
💡 Charter schools were supposed to be places to innovate: but are they really? 38:57
🔦 A teacher can't just go after the well-being - it has to be married to a deep learning experience. 42:02
🇵🇪 How students in Peru applied student leadership, academic skills, and community involvement. 42:44
🧠 Design thinking is essential for creating a classroom environment that facilitates learning; knowing content and pedagogy is not enough. 47:16
💎 Taylor’s RONdering: Don’t be boring! Every single day, kids deserve to get engaged and entertained. 52:43 
🤓 Taylor recommends Boston College's leadership in higher education program. 57:39

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