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Tina Tang - Follow Your Changing Curiosity Episode 3

Tina Tang - Follow Your Changing Curiosity

· 46:13

Chase and explore your curiosities, and you might just find your next passion.  

Tina Tang is a strength training coach who mentors middle-aged women on their fitness journey and helps them take control of their bodies. From financial analyst at Goldman Sachs to a jewelry crafting mogul with multiple storefronts and now an award-winning personal trainer, Tina has persevered through the ups and downs of the ever-changing economy while chasing her curiosity and passions.

It is normal to change your career many times throughout your life, but if you aren’t driven by the money it can be challenging to steer yourself in a direction that feels fulfilling. This is why it is important to explore your curiosities and try new hobbies, whether you are currently employed or searching for something new.

Between the ever-evolving digital age and the fluctuating economy, you may find financial stability and happiness in a new passion that can drive you forward to fulfillment and success. Your possibilities are endless when you are curious and open to learning and growing!

Show Notes:

🌸 Tina has gone through several career changes and currently works as a strength coach: she comes from an immigrant family, and was taught to work hard and have a stable, prestigious job. 01:57
💲 Tina worked at Goldman Sachs: only two individuals loved their job even though it's the best investment bank. 06:09
💍 Tina opened a hand-made jewelry store: we don't have the same core values and need for stability. 10:21
📊 Tina promoted her jewelry in magazines, and her husband helped build her first jewelry store: the financial crisis hit everyone. 14:17
💔 Business troubles and separation from her husband: started going to the gym and getting into fitness. 19:42 
🏋️‍♀️ Equinox was a good training ground for Tina: personal training is not for everyone - there are many other hybrid ways for people to be coached. 24:38
💻 Online coaching is more for self-guided people who don't require that hand-holding, in-person experience. 29:25
💝 Tina is a people pleaser and it made her a great coach: you can't fake caring. 33:11
🫶 Be an unabashed people pleaser and don't let people step all over you. 36:47
✅ Excellent content on Tina's Instagram for women over 40 to reclaim their body, identity, and power: the control over women's bodies. 38:27
❤️ Follow your changing curiosity. 42:45

🌸 Connect with Tina:  www.IronStrongFitness.net
✨ Instagram: @IronStrongFit
🔥 Connect with Ron: www.linkedin.com/in/rapatalo
🖼️ Instagram: www.instagram.com/phenomeron


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