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Christian Simamora - Learning and Living at The Intersections Episode 4

Christian Simamora - Learning and Living at The Intersections

· 01:06:23

Christian Simamora is a father, educator, learning experience designer, facilitator, and writer. His craft is designing spaces where people can reflect, be vulnerable, and feel a connection. His sacred practice is loving his two boys better, more deeply, and more devoutly every day. Currently, he's a Fellow at Stanford's Life Design Lab, where he teaches classes that help people figure out what they want to grow into at any stage of life. While he lives now in Oakland with his wife and sons, he was born and raised in Brooklyn to two immigrant parents who he hopes his life is a shining tribute to.

Show notes timestamps:
🙃 Chris and Ron have been friends for 25 years: when you stop being cool to your students.  01:06
🌱 How love started in Coney Island while waiting to ride the Cyclone: stepping out of your culture to find love. 03:04
🚸 Living at the intersection: language, different foods, struggles, and sacrifices. 06:33
🤔 Differences, anger, and love: figuring out who you are and what it means to be “IndoRican.” 09:35
🤓 We are links in the family chain: heal yourself so you don’t pass your problems on. 15:21
✨ Dealing with anger and parenting: the habit energies of our ancestors, cultivating awareness and changing some things we inherited. 16:59
😇 Fatherhood is the first thing for Chris: teaching and designing experiences at the Life Design Lab is second. 24:48
🥋 Brazilian jiu-jitsu and adult swimming lessons: sports activities as a new space to be with the family. 27:11
🌸 From Christian to Buddhist: the concept of practice and the practice of compassion. 30:57
🧡 The purpose of life is to perfect your love: Chris’s morning routine and daily values. 34:41
😊  Chris was always focused on community building and creating spaces where people could be more human. 41:42
🎯 What you intend - you manifest: Ron’s book and podcast, selling out Madison Square Garden, and traveling the world. 44:51
✍️ Future plans: writing, having an audience for writing, and transforming others’ lives. 48:20
🏀 Being a Knicks fan as a native New Yorker: devotion to winning. 54:14
💎 Practice perfecting your love every day: think beyond yourself. 01:01:03



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