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To Be and Lead in Service To Others with Delvin Burton Episode 6

To Be and Lead in Service To Others with Delvin Burton

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When we help others, the world becomes a better place for everybody.

Delvin Burton is a professional leadership coach who uses his leadership skills to develop leadership programs and help businesses and people become the best versions of themselves. Delvin was raised by and surrounded by leaders and mentors through childhood and naturally grew into the man of diverse leadership talent he is today, where he uses his passion for creating a positive impact on people and businesses across the many facets of his professional career.

Everybody’s personal and professional lives are filled with bumps in the road, but the key to moving forward with positivity and strength is finding the lessons in the mistakes and battles we endure. If you can be and lead in the service of others through their hardships and help them find and develop the opportunities in their struggles, individuals and communities can grow together and thrive.

Help lead others and create a positive impact because everybody deserves the opportunity to succeed, and when we can help people be better in this world, everybody will be better for it. Don’t let life get you down, every loss can be a win if we work together and learn from it!

Show notes:
👨🏽‍🦱 Delvin’s story begins with the foundation his dad built for him: working in service of other people and being a leader. 02:22
✨ Being raised with a growth mindset before it was a popular term: life is about lessons, not losses. 05:49
😇 “I don’t need a quarterback”: the first lesson Delvin learned about glory and the importance of all roles in the team. 13:27
🤓 The mission-focused organization where Delvin and Ron met: Delvin’s role in the organization and how it evolved over time. 23:56
🎯 His leadership development: nurturing relationships and seeing everything as an opportunity to grow and help. 32:04
🏆 Marc Etienne’s journey from school leader to an executive leader as a skillful African American had a huge influence on Delvin. 38:55
😎 Observer and facilitator: program development has two ends and needs to be done the right way. 44:11
🚴🏽‍♂️ Indoor cycling franchise owner: the joy of exercise was transformative for Delvin.  49:15
🤩 Facilitation and improvisation within the franchise community during Covid: getting studios working during the pandemic. 53:27
💎 Delvin’s RONdering: How to take our losses and look at them as lessons. 59:33


Twitter - @delvinburton
Interested in connecting with Delvin feel free to email him at dabinspires@gmail.com


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