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Finding Your Voice And Choice with Elsa Marquez Episode 7

Finding Your Voice And Choice with Elsa Marquez

· 42:53

Discovering your voice and choice is the key to growth and success.

Elsa Marquez is an executive leadership coach who works with individuals and organizations to help them fulfill their full potential and become the best version of themselves. With a long and passionate career in leadership and coaching, Elsa fosters leadership-based culture and values that drive individuals and organizations toward valuable changes and success.

Many people struggle with a lack of self-awareness that prevents them from adequately identifying and taking action on their goals. Once you are ready and willing to make significant, impactful changes in this world, you need a clear pathway toward what you want and how you will get there.

Success, growth, and reaching your employment milestones will occur when you are ready to show up and start taking action with incremental steps made with purpose and confidence. Achieve personal growth and change with immediate, confident actions!

👩‍💼 Elsa helps people find voice and choice through leadership development: she understands the power of leadership in daily life. 01:58
✨ Being a child with a very definitive mind: she saw her skills were teachable so she opened her own practice. 03:36
🌸 Elsa has a different style of coaching: diagnose, listen, and partner with the person she is supporting. 05:37
🌱 How to grow someone’s self-awareness: three pillars of self-awareness. 07:46
⚠️ Fear is the mother of frustration: it wastes time and holds you back. 10:39
😎 Ron is Elsa’s ideal client: Elsa appreciates people who have come to a moment where they want to do the work sincerely.  11:51
📈 Elsa loves seeing fast changes and success with their clients: helping people reach into the rooms where big decisions are made. 13:06
⚡ The power of asking questions: Ron’s and Elsa’s first conversation. 16:03
💎 “A Latina of a certain age” - “I trust Elsa”: the power of self-awareness and trusting yourself.  19:41
🤩 She is not a life coach: leadership in the context of the workplace and not being afraid to be judged by results. 23:12
🙃 How to stay relevant with other generations: working with high-schoolers and leaders and introducing them to all the things that are possible for them. 27:06
🤓 How the American workplace is shaping up right now and the incredible impact and implications it will have. 30:18
👀 Elsa’s RONdering: how to keep vital, rigorous, alive, and thriving so other people can do what they imagined. 33:00
💡 How Elsa is finding rigor in life and work: thoughtfulness and finding space for reflection are crucial for every leader. 35:20



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