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Ron J. Williams - Inclusion IS Innovation.  Helping real people make real progress Episode 9

Ron J. Williams - Inclusion IS Innovation. Helping real people make real progress

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Using inclusion and innovation to align the interests of all humans is the best strategy to move forward into a more positive future.
Ron J. Williams is a venture builder and corporate innovation leader that focuses on companies that want to build a better future. From making tutoring accessible to underprivileged kids to helping startups make positive impacts in their communities, Ron continues to pursue his passion for helping real people make real progress.
Today’s society is filled with selfish systems that don’t align with consumer needs, and don’t internalize the cost of their misdeeds. If we want to create an impact that will shape a better and more positive future, we need to invest in innovative ways to help people make progress and overcome the challenges they face in today’s world.
The solution is to innovate ways to drive our commercial and market economies into a space that aligns with sustainable living, and creates positive impacts on the environment and humanity as a whole. Expand your circle of impact and live in the light now, so we can build a better future together!

Show Notes Timestamps:
🗽 Ron is a ‘small-town kid’: born and raised in Brooklyn, with a stern but fortunate upbringing. 02:10
▶️ The importance of parents’ advocating and the amazing teachers in Montessori school: the foundation for Ron’s potential and success. 04:29
🎓 Harvard and the Hood: Ron decided he wanted to be a person who provides better service to kids and families. 07:20
🎯 Business and startup innovations in education: You can earn money doing good. 10:05
✌🏾 Good ideas are not enough: peaceful co-parenting with Onward, and building ventures to invest in a better future. 13:54
🌊 Innovation for inclusion: perspective taking and empathy together are a fucking superpower. 16:15
🤓 Inclusion is innovation because innovation is helping real people make real progress: systematically execute and unstuck marginalized groups. 21:09
⚡ Parents, be careful what you are saying to your kids: they can do anything, there is nothing they can’t do. 25:02
🎧 Ron’s love for hip-hop, his first cypher, and freestyling: life is a cypher, you can’t do it alone.  26:21
✨ The single inventor fallacy - nobody did anything worth doing by themselves: Ron’s admiration for his wife and his friends and brothers.  38:48
🏋🏽‍♂️ Being relentless: Ron’s first powerlifting competition taught him so much about habits. 45:56
🤩 Willingness to commit and invest in a new version of self: don't wait for a breakthrough or to be great. 49:25
💎 Ron’s RONdering: How to scale impact and find a sustainable way to keep investing in the good - we need to change how we do business.  55:36

Connect with Ron J. Williams: www.linkedin.com/in/ronjwilliams
Sign up for the Launch of the Redefiners: https://theredefiners.substack.com/


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