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Russ Finkelstein - Discomfort to Spark Possibilities for Others Episode 10

Russ Finkelstein - Discomfort to Spark Possibilities for Others

· 53:38

Learning who you are and what values you represent is the key to leading and networking with others authentically.
Russ Finkelstein is a career coach and advisor who helps other people become aware of their possibilities. Acting as a conduit and connector of people, Russ’s passion is in his idealist approach, where he combines empathy and structure to help people discover who they truly are.
Making a connection requires trust, and the best way to gain trust is to show up consistently as your authentic self. Without a sense of connection, people can feel isolated, and like they lack value, so it’s important that we show up for others when they need affirmation and support. 
Connections and networking help make the world a better place if we’re all willing to take the time to build trust and help others value themselves. Commit to being the best use of yourself, be proud of what you represent, and provide hope to others!

🙋🏽‍♂️ Russ is Ron’s friend, coach, and mentor - they met with the help of social media. 00:10
✨ Russ always thought he was an outlier: finding the spark and possibility for people motivates him. 02:50
🤓 Being a truth-teller and being a conduit to connect people: what is the best use of me? 10:04
🤯 Russ’s trade-offs are flexibility, enough time to help unstuck people, working for free and choosing his clients. 16:42
😇 Ross thought he would go to law school, but realized it is not his goal: being curious about people while being empathetic and hyper-logical. 21:33
⚡ Ron’s sense of interconnectedness with all people comes with huge empathy. 25:15
🤩 Understanding the interesting intersections and building trust: getting money out of the picture in coaching work.  28:13
🎯 Understanding the power of trust: the importance of showing up, being consistent, and remembering details in fostering human connections. 31:46
😎 Russ’s document “Why I’m helping you” and becoming a Generation Z influencer. 39:19
👂🏽 Russ doesn’t like public speaking: going deep with helping others to recast the negative stories. 41:31
💎 Russ’s RONdering: the importance of finding your authenticity and figuring out yourself, your values, and feeling proud of that. 43:51
🥅 How to fit your goals: being in the weeds of having no choices. 47:54
📰 Russ’s posts on LinkedIn and his future plans. 50:00



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