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Christopher Ruszkowski - The Value of A Hard’s Day Work to Build Expertise Episode 45

Christopher Ruszkowski - The Value of A Hard’s Day Work to Build Expertise

· 59:52

Good leadership requires you to always be a student!
From humble beginnings in golf caddying to becoming New Mexico’s Deputy Secretary and Secretary of Education under Gov. Susana Martinez (R) from 2016-2019, Christopher Ruszkowski is a social studies teacher by trade, recently appointed Distinguished Policy Fellow at the Hoover Institution.
Having spent a year in South Africa, Christopher trained as a teacher, spending his first years first in and last out in the school, taking his responsibilities seriously, especially as a rookie. In his 20 years of working within education and education reform, Christopher has a wealth of experience in school systems, as well as figuring out how to develop expertise in all the moving pieces of the system. Believing that you must always remain a student, Christopher has worked under a mentor, working on being informed and gaining an understanding of why things are moving in the way that they are.
The early bird catches the worm - there is value in a hard day’s work!

🇺🇸 Christopher's family origin: first-generation American working-class story. 4:16
🤓 The story of how Christopher got into golf caddying. 9:02
🍀 His evolution from a caddy beginner to a trusted confidant and advisor. 13:43
🧑‍🏫 The beginning journey with Teach For America: a transformative year in South Africa. 18:46
🌍 Making the world a better place: he couldn't do it without some form of frontline service. 21:29
🏫 Middle school experience: what went on in his classroom, was a microcosm of what was happening in the education sector. 25:41
🎓 All the different education contexts Christopher was involved in. 29:15
🎯 Always be a student to be good in a leadership position. 36:19
🤯 There is such a dramatic difference in education in different cities today. 40:30
👀 It often takes an outsider to see what's going on, but you need an insider to implement it. 46:31 
💎 Christopher's RONdering:  it's still about the blue-collar day. 51:45

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