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Surabhi Lal - Fostering Belonging: From Megaphone to Movements Episode 46

Surabhi Lal - Fostering Belonging: From Megaphone to Movements

· 51:05

Being able to step back and observe what is going on around us is often an undervalued skill!
Surabhi Lai is rooted in the belief that we can create a better future of work that is rooted in our humanity and collective belonging. Multi-passionate with a strong sense of curiosity, Surabhi uses empathy and strategy when she coaches job-seekers, entrepreneurs, and organizations to help them create a better work future. Surabhi is pursuing a PhD in Leadership and Change, where her research is focused on understanding the ecosystem of belonging in the workplace.
Fascinated by large group settings, Surabhi seeks out people who are not in a conversation with anyone and looks to introduce them to someone she knows. Surabhi will look to strike up a conversation at the bar or by the food table, becoming the connector at events, pursuing her goal of making people’s lives better, predominantly in the workplace.
We spend so much time in workplaces - how can we make them better, for us to be able to give our best?

🍎 You can't navigate a big place like New York City without building your micro-communities. 3:04
πŸ˜‡ Surabhi's connection with New York City: different people and languages. 5:29
πŸ—½ New Yorkers will move you out of their way, but also they will stop and help. 8:56
πŸ‘§πŸ½ Surabhi grew up in D.C. in a pretty diverse school. 13:13
πŸ€ Surabhi was bridging spaces, doing some translation: being curious, and observing. 18:09
πŸ€“ Surabhi loves to be the connector at events: she is fascinated by large group settings. 23:35
⚠️ Different social roles: the importance of name pronunciation. 27:55
πŸ€— Her work is all about making people's work lives better. 31:54
πŸ‘‰πŸ½ That laws and policies are written to incentivize businesses and organizations. 35:09
🀯 If you don't feel good at work, then, you are not giving your best at work. 37:55
πŸ“£ Efforts to diversify neighborhoods: we should all have a megaphone. 40:20
πŸ’Ž Surabhi's RONdering: how do we take all those megaphones to make it a movement? 44:12

IG: @slcollabventures
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