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Diane Robinson - It All Starts in Our Minds and Hearts Episode 47

Diane Robinson - It All Starts in Our Minds and Hearts

· 01:05:22

Our belief systems are often perpetuated by the members of our community.

A 1991 Vassar graduate, Diane Robinson is a filmmaker and recognized education leader with over 25 years of experience working in the US and globally, helping start and grow social enterprises. Beginning her career through Teach for America, Diane holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in political science, a Master of Arts in multicultural education from California State University, and a Doctor of Education Leadership from Harvard University.

Diane made her first film, The Young Vote, which follows a group of students and activists through the 2020 election, unprecedented social unrest, and a global pandemic, which is now used for the civic development of young people at schools and colleges. Diane believes that films are a great way to change narratives that come out of beliefs and stories and that there is much power in films being used to cultivate new sets of beliefs.

Everything we want in life - the things we want to achieve, our environment, and our beliefs - they all start with us!

🇯🇲 Diane grew up in Jamaica in the 70's, in a very tumultuous time. 3:52
👧🏽 She went to public school in NY and racial and socioeconomic justice became a part of her DNA. 8:12
👩🏽‍🏫 Teach For America spoke more to her than the law she was studying. 10:19
🍎 Growing up in NY means you have a very diverse group of friends. 15:56
👉🏽 How important it is to believe in yourself: Diane's school counselor experience. 20:29
⚠️ If you want to learn about America, you should teach in a low-income classroom. 27:12
🤔 Belief is a huge part of change: our belief system is stuck. 30:55
😥 Cultural competence: the available data is very intellectual, and it doesn't feel right. 33:43
💲 Low-income kids oftentimes have to work twice as hard because their parents can't pay for them. 38:42
🙃 Our belief systems are sometimes perpetuated by members of our own community. 40:02
🧠 Diane went to Harvard in her late 30's: the importance of understanding the education systems, business, and government. 45:30
🇨🇳 Her experience in China: the strength of their culture benefits education. 48:17
🎥 Turning to film: creating a documentary about young people and voting. 50:32
🎬 Her film made a big impact in schools and communities: we need engagement, voting is not enough. 55:51
💎 Diane's RONdering: everything starts with us. 58:48
🎯 Anything you want to create in the world, first you have to create it within yourself. 1:00:56

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