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Family First: Serving the Public Interest with James Solomon Episode 32

Family First: Serving the Public Interest with James Solomon

· 49:57

 Everybody deserves to walk down the street and feel safe.

James Solomon represents downtown Jersey City as the Ward E Councilperson. As a dad, a cancer survivor, a teacher, and someone who leads from the outside, James is committed to making Jersey City a place that supports ALL families, not just the well-connected.
City government is directly connected to people, and helping them is key to making the world a better place. The lesson, or the value that matters most, is always putting family first. As a politician, James finds himself pulled in different directions, but the driving factor for him is always that family comes first.

Solving small problems first, with immediate effect, allows people to trust you and begin a relationship where there previously was none.

Show Notes 
🤩 James tried to be happy outside of NJ, but it didn’t work: he developed a passion for city government in his late teens. 02:22
💊 After a lymphoma diagnosis and remission, James got elected in 2017: he wanted to have a family and became a dad. 04:06
👨‍💼 Cora Alumni days in St. Louis: learning tools to keep you grounded. 06:25
⚡ People on the streets are pulling him aside to help them: James is able to have an impact and push some things in government to make lives better. 08:28
🌞 Strategic and personal reasons behind his responsiveness: city government is directly connected to people, and helping them is the key.  11:35
📱 Mayor Booker’s ways of serving people: using Twitter and fixing things. 15:32
👨‍🏫 James is an adjunct professor: ideas and comments from students are very valuable for him. 17:02
🏘️ The core thing is housing and gentrification: initiatives and policies James worked on and bad systems that need to change.  19:30
🤓 How do people acquire power and how they use it: the drive behind political life. 24:09
✌️ New Your City’s policies vs New Jersey policies: revitalizing communities and not accepting money from NJ real estate developers. 27:40
👉 Real estate is the dominant player in Jersey City: ways to push back.  32:08
🏈 Fantasy football is James's passion: he won the championship last year.  34:37
😎 Steelers fan in New Jersey and Patriots domination: Tom Brady, I just want to hate you. 36:38
💎 James’ RONdering: Always put family first. 42:00
📌 Childcare is expensive: policies for thriving families. 44:38
😇 James built a large donor base that's outside the political establishment. 46:07

Connect with James: www.solomonforjc.com
Leverage Publishing: www.leveragepublishinggroup.com


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