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Perseverance: Create the Life That You Love with Joselyn Martinez Episode 31

Perseverance: Create the Life That You Love with Joselyn Martinez

· 46:28

 Each person is the director of his or her own life, and even in the face of the most challenging obstacles, is capable of shaping and painting an extraordinary life.

Catapulting us on a journey of perseverance and resilience is Joselyn Martinez, a NYC-based business consultant and certified neuro coach specializing in entrepreneurship. A spokesperson for personal tragedy, she shares with us the challenge of solving the mystery of her father’s murder, as well as her success in entertainment and music as a member of an all-female band.
Her mission? To help, empower women and to shape the lives of their dreams.

Creativity takes many forms, and Joselyn’s experiences teach us the value of embracing the creative spirit in all aspects of life. Hers is a story of exploration and self-discovery: the brain’s ability is to change and adapt, and understanding it can foster personal growth and overcome fears. Those seeking to transform their lives will find tangible hope and encouragement.
Accept the diversity of your experiences and find strength in the uniqueness of your path. Be open to discovery, authenticity, and creativity.
Every step forward, no matter how tiny, contributes to your transformation!

Show notes:
🌟 Joselyn loves Mondays and new beginnings. 01:25
💔 Lost her father in street violence in NY: perseverance and not making a decision based on counselor's opinion: 03:56
⚖️ Moving on or putting your trauma on hold: Joselyn started to pursue justice for her murdered father. 08:48
🔍 Murder crimes can’t go unnoticed or remain unsolved. 12:09
🕵🏻‍♀️ Finding the man who murdered her father: 25 years after the day, she slept well.  13:20
🎤 Experience in Las Chicas del Can: stage presence and public speaking practice. 18:07
🎬 After NYU, she pursued acting and commercial work: doubling for Jennifer Lopez in her movies. 22:34
🧠 Neuro coaching: learning how your brain works to boost productivity and change your habits. 24:29
🤔 Understand yourself: certain areas of your brain govern your emotions.  28:10
🔄 Neuroplasticity in our brain is showing us we can change a lot even when we are old. 33:39
🗓️ The Modern Woman Planner and Mastermind course: Joselyn’s plans for her business.  35:21
🎨 Power of creativity while having joy and impact: we are all creatives. 39:10
🏃‍♀️ Movement and cognition: meaning exists in our bodies, and movement strengthens ideas. 40:17
💎 Joselyn’s RONdering: you can design your life as you please. 42:30

Connect:  www.joselynmartinez.com
Check: www.linkedin.com/in/joselynmartinez
Rapatalo Group: rapataloconsulting@gmail.com
Leverage Publishing: www.leveragepublishinggroup.com


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