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Rick Andrews - Improv as a Pathway to Authenticity Episode 21

Rick Andrews - Improv as a Pathway to Authenticity

· 59:36

Break free from your scripted role and uncover your authentic self.
Rick Andrews is a highly respected trainer, educator, and improv artist with expertise in team development, creativity, innovation, public speaking, and leadership. He brings a treasure trove of hands-on expertise to these key areas.
Rick shares his journey through the labyrinth of improv, illuminating the trail it blazed toward personal authenticity. The narrative peels away the layers of his initial motivations for diving into improv and how it inexorably shaped his career choices. This episode is all about a profound exploration of authenticity’s irreplaceable role in both improv comedy and public speaking. It magnifies the transformative power of genuine connection, transcending the superficial to strike at the core of human engagement.
Discover the transformative potential of embracing your true self and connecting with others on a deeper level.
 Show Notes: 
🎭 Rick Andrews is a performer and instructor of improvisation: exercises for listening, team building, and public speaking. 01:01 
😇 Journey through improv: battling ADD in high school and embracing the flow state. 03:29 
🗽 Finding an artistic home in NY: balancing research psychology studies with his love for comedy. 08:22
🙃 Making your stage partner laugh: translating connection on the stage to the audience in improv comedy. 13:26 
🗣️ Public speaking and what is really important to people: TED talk voice vs. your authenticity. 17:07
⚡ Trust first, transaction second: approaching personal brand differently and selling yourself. 22:54
👉 The perfect personal ambassador is Deion Sanders: Mr Beast’s work with algorithms. 27:47
⚠️ Reframing your life with social media content instead of just living your life. 33:40
🌊 LinkedIn posts and strategies: ‘don’t rock the boat’ platform. 35:52
🆚 TikTok vs. LinkedIn’s system and Netflix vs. HBO - what really changes and impacts Rick. 39:02
😎 Rick’s non-scalability concept: doing only things he loves and sizing his ambitions correctly. 44:02
🌞 When you get big, how much will you give up on yourself? 47:21
🎯 Being good these days means getting more followers: being impactful and being a better teacher are Rick’s goals for success. 49:48
✂️ Teaching improv in theater and in companies: tailoring exercises to achieve team’s goals in the working environment.  53:11
💎 Rick’s RONdering: being authentic because who we are always changes by the places. 55:01
Connect with Improv: www.rickandrewsimprov.com
Connect with Rick:  www.linkedin.com/in/rkandrews 


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