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Yamilée Toussaint - Know Your Anchor Episode 20

Yamilée Toussaint - Know Your Anchor

· 43:52

Studies have shown that cognition is related to movement. Using dance to transform the STEM experience for girls, has allowed Yamilée to see the progress being made, after finding out that only 5% of people in STEM are women of color.
Having to initially choose between dance and STEM as she was applying for college, Yamilée has made it her mission to integrate the two.
Studying at MIT as one of few women of color in the room, Yamilée could see that a shift was required. With dance, allowing girls to feel good about themselves and seeing how they progress as they perfect movements and routines. Watching her dance student accessing a scholarship as an artistic as well as technical person, Yamilée knows she will offer perspectives others cannot.
If dance is what it takes to unlock the potential for girls all over the world, then that is the ultimate goal.

💃🏾 Violin, love for dance, and love for math: studying MIT and being a few women of color in the room. 02:33
👩🏾‍💼 Using dance to transform the experience that girls have in STEM: founding her own company, STEM from dance. 06:33
⚡ Cognition is related to movement: Yamilée felt powerful while she danced. 09:26
🎇 Integrations between dance and technology: using lights and making content approachable to younger generations. 13:08
😇 The story of how Yamilée’s student became a computer engineering scholar: support that opens many doors. 17:45
😍 Support and sacrifices from her parents: support network around her. 21:19
😎 Ron’s parents hustled and networked, despite facing systemic racism and inequity. 23:00
🥅 Her father's forming of a non-profit planted a seed in Yamilée for later: if dad can do it, I can do it mindset. 25:37
✌ Confident dancer and not-so-confident entrepreneur: financial, race, and gender barriers. 31:54
🌞  Yamilée’s circle of champions: friend, coach, and father as a first safety net of wisdom and support. 34:46
💎  Yamilée’s RONdering: the power of being anchored in the purpose. 37:19
🌎  Yamilée’s dream: getting global and helping girls worldwide. 38:37

Dance with Yamilée: www.stemfromdance.org


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