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Marc Etienne - Marc Etienne - Be Who You Are Episode 17

Marc Etienne - Marc Etienne - Be Who You Are

· 01:17:13

 Being confident in your identity is the key to growth.
Marc Etienne is a Partner at Rethinc where he helps to provide the support and coaching needed to evolve communities and organizations away from inequitable practices. With over 25 years of experience in helping students achieve their potential, regardless of their background, Marc continues to follow his passionate pursuit of the dismantling of systemic racism.

A big part of unsubscribing from systemic racism and inequitable traditions is breaking free from the chains, refusing to conform, and being comfortable and confident with who we are. To achieve this growth, and help our communities evolve toward a stronger and more equitable future, we must willingly and confidently face discomfort, commit to practice, and become the best versions of ourselves.

If we aren't fulfilling our potential by putting in the practice, we can't properly love and support others, and we can't face discomfort with confidence. Invest in yourself, practice what you are passionate about, and move towards your purpose and potential! 

🇭🇹 Marc is a New Yorker born in a Haitian immigrant family: celebrating his family’s legacy. 02:38
🍪 Getting into an elite private school was not easy: the difference between being Black and being Haitian. 04:03
👦🏽 The first time he realized he was Black: seeing how whiteness was playing out all around him and getting detentions for asking questions about it. 05:49
👨🏽‍🏫 Trying to find himself and living in anger and confrontations during college: becoming a teacher and learning from kids and parents.15:36
✨ New Leaders and becoming a principal at 26 within their innovative programs. 20:35
🥰 Moving to Maryland and race equity policy: his wife is his best friend. 23:05
😲 COVID took 9 close friends: the day when Marc decided it is time to do something different. 28:24
🧒🏽 What it really means to be educated for kids of color: an appropriate curriculum for minority groups is essential. 32:50
⭐ Joining Rethinc and finding how to be yourself at work and do good work without being conformed to fit in the box and cutting your culture. 37:08
⚠️ Identify where whiteness exists and prevails and what anti-Blackness is: systems are enforcing the idea of whiteness. 39:11
😇 Marc finds joy in yoga, being with his wife, and connecting with his kids and family, but doesn’t like masking and faking it. 42:57
🎯 Growth and discomfort are inextricably linked: the best friends are ones that push you to get into uncomfortable situations you will handle. 46:27
🤩 The martyrdom is killing us - we never do anything good alone: interconnectedness in your community is the key. 53:27
🌌 The universe conspires to have you get what you want, as long as you believe it. 55:57
💎 Marc’s RONdering: everybody has the ability to be great, but don’t be afraid to practice. 57:55
🎆 Practicing consistently means putting yourself first: fulfill your potential, so you can help others around you. 1:04:56
🤓 The Lion’s Story and Rethinc: equitable and just world and workspaces. 1:08:42
🙏🏽 Being a teacher is the hardest job in US: being a principal is also very hard, so find time to thank them. 1:12:02



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