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Stephanie Morimoto - Decoupling Productivity from Work and Your Humanity Episode 16

Stephanie Morimoto - Decoupling Productivity from Work and Your Humanity

· 59:50

What you accomplish is not a measure of your value as a human.

Stephanie Morimoto is the owner and CEO of Asutra where she shares her passion for self-care through her products and business practices. With nearly 20 years of compassionate leadership and serving those in need under her belt, she continues to provide equitable career pathways and opportunities to her employees and her community.

Many people today are stuck on the proverbial hamster wheel and don't stop to appreciate the journey or take care of themselves along the way, and this can lead to burnout. We need to shift the paradigm of what it means to be successful and create the conditions and systems within the workplace that allow us to focus on who we are, instead of what we do, and listen to the needs of our mind, body and soul.

Real success is having a well-rounded and joyful life where we can practice self-care, set boundaries for ourselves and live and work in alignment with our values. Decouple your productivity from your self-worth, slow down, and reflect on who you want to be!

👩🏻 From teacher to entrepreneur: Stephanie is the owner of Asutra and a social justice activist. 01:00
😍 Reflecting on who you are, and who you want to be in the world, is just as important as what you accomplish. 02:41
2️⃣ Two main forces in Stephanie’s life: growing up without an Asian American role model, but having the influence of her parents and her grandfather. 04:03
🔥 The push for achievement and to be perfect led Stephanie to burnout: the balance her grandfather achieved was a perfect example for Stephanie’s new business model. 07:54
👴 Her grandfather as the pillar of caregiving and community impact: joy, balance, and success are possible. 09:03
👧🏻 Hardworking parents and a push to be perfect in order to fit in. 11:47
⭐ Freedom to explore intellectually and academically: life at Brown University and how DEI was back then. 15:43
7️⃣ Seven seminal moments in your life: burnout, and understanding how to live differently and be a good human being. 19:51
😇 Do you treat yourself and others with love and kindness: what is enough?  23:27
🛋️ Recovering from burnout and one more seminal moment for Stephanie. 25:01
👩🏻‍💼 Creating a business and culture she always wanted with Asutra: the journey from a customer to owner through acquisition. 29:34
🤩 Active self-care concept and Asutra products: magnesium products for better sleep and pain relief. 34:18
💪🏻 Ron’s post about his fitness routine inspired Stephanie: sleeping and eating as a foundation. 37:56
‼️ The benefits of topical magnesium: which Asutra product Oprah loves the most! 39:35
🎯 Creating a workspace culture: changing the lives of people is the best gift for Stephanie. 43:53
✌🏻 Safety and integrity for all as pillars for the business: humanity and care for employees. 48:03
☯️ The importance of sustainability, spirit, body, and mind. 50:05
⚠️ Challenge: try to reduce your hours to see how many things you can still get done. 53:48
💎 Stephanie’s RONdering: incorporating real self-care into your life is a game changer. 54:30
🤓 Stephanie and Hope Chicago: helping students and parents. 56:06


Hope Chicago: www.hopechicago.org/


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